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Overcoming Cybersecurity Complexity

Overcoming Cybersecurity Complexity

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Palo Alto Networks products integrate to elevate your cybersecurity, with:

  • Professional Services
    Best in Class Capabilities

    To prevent, detect and effectively respond to all threats across every vector—network, cloud, endpoints and software supply chain.

    Recognized as a leader in 10 categories by industry analysts.*

  • zero trust
    Comprehensive Zero Trust

    To protect all users, applications and infrastructure in every environment—enabling the Zero Trust Enterprise.

    Palo Alto Networks has “...procured, acquired, or built every tool or capability an organization could need to operate a Zero Trust infrastructure.”

    -Forrester Zero Trust Ecosystem Wave, 2020

  • Network security
    The Network Effect

    Crowdsourced from the industry’s largest footprint of network, endpoint & cloud intelligence sources.


We enable comprehensive Zero Trust, while tackling today's most significant security challenges.

opertional effeciency
Intelligent to stay ahead of evolving threats

“Now it's not just noise for the sake of noise... They're reporting actual actionable information to us. ”

Weeding out the false positives...
it is easier with this tool and easier with these integrations, because we knew exactly what to look out for.”

Reduction in procurement complexity
Integrated to overcome security complexity

“Building security policy with fewer vendors is 3 or 4 times easier than upgrading a security policy for each different one.”

“The main benefit is just having things that can work well together, things that integrate easily and don't require a ton of custom integration… Having one ecosystem really does get a lot of efficiencies with the integrations being so seamless.”

realized operational efficiency gains
Automated to accelerate response times and reduce human error

“Before it took maybe 2.5 - 3 hours for one person to do one phishing email runbook from start to finish. Now… we can do one phishing email in 30 seconds.”

Source: Palo Alto Networks Value Realization Study Results, November 2021

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