The Only Vendor to Be Recognized as a Leader in Both SSE and SD-WAN

After having been named by Gartner® as a Leader in the 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for SD-WAN, we've just been named a Leader in the 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for SSE

When it comes to SASE, we think ours should be the only name on your list.

Prisma SASE:
AI-Powered Innovation
Takes Center Stage

See how ZTNA 2.0, Cloud SWG, and SD-WAN
deliver exceptional security and ROI.

SaaS Apps Lead to Unforeseen Risks and Data Breaches

Learn why SaaS Security Posture Management is fundamental.

SASE Is the Way
Forward. Start
Your Journey
with ZTNA 2.0.

See how ZTNA 2.0 and innovations in
Next-Gen CASB, AIOps and more make
the industry’s most complete SASE even better.

See and secure all applications automatically. Accurately protect all sensitive data and all users everywhere from known and unknown threats with the industry’s first SASE-native, Next-Gen CASB that eliminates the risk of compromise and data loss due to misconfigurations.

What Is Next-Gen CASB?


The industry’s only Next-Gen CASB, native to SASE


See and secure all applications, automatically

Ensures complete coverage by securing all apps, whether on-premises or in the cloud–including the industry's largest number of sanctioned and collaboration apps-to keep your business ahead of the SaaS application explosion. The reimagined Next-Gen CASB scans all traffic, ports, and protocols; automatically discovers new apps; and leverages the largest API-based coverage of SaaS apps, including coverage for modern collaboration apps.


Accurately protect sensitive data and users in real time

Comprehensive ML-powered enterprise DLP provides unparalleled protection of sensitive data. More detection engines and more control points ensure high accuracy thanks to a complete set of content-aware technologies that discover and protect hard-to-detect secrets exchanged in collaboration apps and detect hard-to-find malicious insider threats and compromised accounts.


Eliminate misconfigurations, eliminate risk

Stop misconfigurations with drift prevention, and easily remediate misconfigurations for many apps with a single click. Take advantage of intelligently grouped, related configuration settings to understand their impact and simplify remediation. Quickly fix configuration issues through streamlined workflows.


Secure your apps and hybrid workforce

Cloud-Delivered Enterprise DLP

Cloud-Delivered Enterprise DLP

  • Discover, monitor and protect all sensitive data

  • Integrate with security control points

  • Deploy in minutes, not months

  • Automatically enforce unified policies at scale

Autonomous Digital Experience Management

Autonomous Digital Experience Management

  • Simplify operations with SASE-native DEM

  • Reduce mean time to resolution with detailed, segment-wise insights

  • Comprehensive visibility with correlated performance metnrics across all endpoints, networks, and applications

  • Increase workforce and reduce ticket volume with self-serve ADEM


Let’s find what’s right for you


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