Cloud Network Security

Protect cloud-native applications from every network attack path.

As cloud adoption accelerates, organizations have a much greater responsibility to protect their digital assets on the network. Sustaining a reliable and secure network in the cloud becomes challenging to balance.

Cloud Network Security Explainer

Detect threats and prevent lateral movement on your cloud network

Prisma® Cloud delivers Cloud Network Security that provides high-fidelity network visibility and controls. Security teams can reduce risk, identify threats and stop lateral movement within the cloud.
  • Complete visibility and protection across any cloud
  • Improved efficiency and collaboration with automation
  • Stop lateral attack movement
  • Cloud Threat Detection
    Cloud Threat Detection
  • True Internet Exposure
    True Internet Exposure
  • Microsegmentation


Our approach to Cloud Network Security

Cloud Threat Detection

Prisma Cloud employs advanced ML to monitor normal network behavior of each customer’s cloud environment, and then detect network anomalies and zero-day attacks effectively with minimal false positives. With Prisma Cloud you can detect network anomalies without changing your network infrastructure.

  • Port scan and sweep detection

    Detect common reconnaissance techniques per MITRE ATT&CK Cloud Matrix to facilitate remediation activities, such as closing ports opened unintentionally.

  • Unusual port and server activity detection

    Spot unusual activities and detect evasive tactics against critical assets such as PII, financial information and others in preparation for data exfiltration.

  • DNS threat detection

    Identify DNS-based threats, such as domain generation algorithm (DGA) and cryptomining – all without changing your DNS infrastructure.

True Internet Exposure

Prisma Cloud surfaces the effective internet exposure of critical cloud assets, providing greater visibility for security teams while reducing alert noise.

  • Comprehensive visibility

    Spend less time combing through cloud configurations to understand possible network paths. Prisma Cloud builds a complete network path to and from cloud resources to give you easy-to-understand visibility.

  • Improve risk assessment

    Easily identify open pathways that allow lateral movement across the cloud infrastructure and make informed security decisions that help you reduce the attack surface radius and partition the network.

  • Reduce alert fatigue

    Stop false positives and alerts against single network points (e.g., security groups). Prisma Cloud analyzes the network exposure of resources before generating alerts so that security teams can focus on critical risks.


See how applications communicate in a map and stop lateral movement of threats. With Prisma Cloud, security teams can reduce risk without changing the network.

  • Network flow mapping

    See how workloads communicate in a map. Prisma Cloud provides a radar view of workloads with vulnerability context to understand workload connectivity risk.

  • Easy path to enforcement

    Prisma Cloud helps organizations enforce segmentation without causing network outages. With allow, alert and blocking actions, you can progressively achieve segmentation at your own pace.

  • Shift left

    Use cloud-native attributes when writing network segmentation rules (images, namespaces, clusters, labels, etc).

Prisma Cloud
Prisma Cloud
Prisma Cloud delivers the industry’s broadest security and compliance coverage—for applications, data, and the entire cloud native technology stack—throughout the development lifecycle and across multi- and hybrid-cloud environments.

Cloud Network Security solutions


Secure hosts, containers and serverless applications from code to cloud.


Monitor posture, detect and remediate risks, and maintain compliance.


Detect advanced threats, zero-day attacks and anomalies across multicloud.

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